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Patrycja Loranc - Bloki, New Perspective - still2.jpeg

single-channel video, sound, 5:38, 13 printed sheets with photographs and text


Bloki is a part of the ongoing project Fragments of Experience: intuitive captures of sensory, cognitive, and emotional experiences, in relationship to spaces, nature, and objects. Arising from an interest in the crossover of neuroscientific and philosophical contexts in the study of individual identity through uniqueness of synaptic connections, memory, and sensory sensitivities.


A childhood unaware of neurodivergence, seen from the perspective of a rare visit to the area of the formative years. In this work the personal history connected to a place is restored, attempting to reclaim trauma through love, and retrieving the experiences in a process of revival and growth. 

Understanding of social mechanisms of unconscious suppression, rediscovering a freedom of identity through improvisation and intuition, revoicing, triggered by a flash-back coincidence.


The photographs-and-text component of the installation can be found below.

Please get in touch to view the video.

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