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year: 2019

duration: 5:12 min

B&W / Sound / Super 8

A visual and sonic exploration of a meditatively heightened perception of the human connection with nature. Inspired by spiritual ecology, hippie movements, and motif of the World Tree that connects different realities, profanity and divinity, the material world and what transcends beyond it. Filmed on Super 8, an attempt to evoke questions and feelings relating to the “here and now”, present experience as man’s only direct interaction with the universe, only chance to express, create, change, react.

Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 17.02.27.png
Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 17.02.55.png
Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 17.04.16.png
Screenshot 2019-10-27 at 12.51.14.png
Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 17.03.55.png



film by: Patrycja Loranc

cinematography: Patrycja Loranc and Tereza Havadejova

starring: Louise Apperley and Rhiana Bonterre

voices by: Rhiana Bonterre, Jude Forster and Patrycja Loranc

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