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More of What I Don't Know

single-channel projection:video 11:37 loop, sound installation with low-frequency sound on a bass amp, two speakers, and stereo sound on headphones, 4-page A5 publication 

Four films of Fragments of Experience project shown in a loop.

Inspired by sensory profiles and the neurodiversity paradigm, the film treats sensory experiences as a part of identity and a trigger for an altered state. Absorption in the present experience, even an ordinary activity, considered a meditative state. Altered states of consciousness as transcendence, supporting cognitive and spiritual transformation and growth, continuous re-emergence in the true self. Learning what it means to be: through explorations of unique neural connections evident in associations of word and image, through thought and language, and the direct experience of Now, which allows to perceive things as they are. The work is created within my Psychedelic Practice - an intuitive practice based on absorption: simultaneous decision and action without a preconceived goal, a tool for mind-revelation. Non-linear, ever-continued Fragments of Experience.

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