Patrycja Loranc


student at MA Artists' Film and Moving Image at Goldsmiths University

BA Filmmaking graduate from Kingston School of Art

based in London

from Poland

Patrycja Loranc works within experimental film and moving image, incorporating ventures into photography, writing, performance, and sound.



Bloki, New Perspective

Call it What You Will, The Moment Has It's Own Dimensions - March 2022

Kino Out Of Body

Shorts on Tap - Colorama - April 2022

Exploding Cinema - The Cinema Museum, London - February 2022

Asheville Fringe Arts Festival - December 2021

Sphere World Cinema Carnival  - December 2021

International Film Festival Hannover - November 2021

New Moving Image - Artists’ Film Screening Caraboo Projects - October 2021

Alternative Night of Experimental Film - screening - August 2021

Genesis Cinema Kingston Filmmaking - screening - June 2021

I won’t make a sad film 

London Seasonal Short Film Festival Honourable Mention - April 2021

Iconic Images Film Festival Official Selection - April 2021

Prague International Film Awards Finalist - April 2021

APEX Film Awards Official Selection - March 2021

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival - March 2021

Argo Watch Student Film Competition - Finalist - May 2020

Isolation Short Videos Festival - Semi-Finalist - December 2020

Distorted Shoulds

Bertha DocHouse Re-emergence - Honourable Mention

Surreal ? what

BFI London - Kingston Filmmaking Showcase 2019

Interests in contemplative neuroscience and philosophy of direct experience, rooted in the neurodiversity paradigm, drive her to intuitive and experimental ways of creating, centring the uniqueness of subjective sensory, cognitive and emotional experiences.

Her practice is inspired by states of consciousness and the idea of psychedelia (mind manifestation) in artistic process, which through devotion to authenticity of unique personal experience hopes to find new ways for communication and social change through the time-based media’s trip in here-and-now.


Fascinated by verbally unexplainable phenomenas and aspects of human experience, and the potential for their expression in the language of moving image, and working from the perspective of a woman immigrant, her works are concerned with themes of self, vulnerability, altered of states of consciousness, identity within the world, nature, and existence itself.

Coming from a background in theatre and vocal performance, she experiments with sound, movement, and playful approaches to self-reflection, utilising experimental documentary techniques of gathering material, and incorporating special effects or elements of animation. She is interested in memory and perception as parts of identity, from psychological and neurological point of view, explored through image and sound.


Curiosity is the drive to explore the unknown and leads to the depths of important human connections - with oneself, others, nature, spirituality, and environments that are experienced as new or familiar in different ways.

  • PsychepoeticLaundrette

Open for collaborations on new projects.  

Available as an editor/edit assistant, artist, music video creator, video content creator, fashion and other photo- and video-shoots.

Please get in contact for more information.