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2023 | single-channel video, sound, 19:25

Visual, sonic, and written journals evolve into a poetic reflection on themes of self in philosophy and neuroscience. Sensory awareness as part of identity, a study of relationships with spaces in a time of intense personal change - moving from London to Plymouth. A look into vulnerability, voice, communication and connection from a perspective of an autistic non-native English speaker. 

Locations between London and the South West are captured during travel and transition, old year into the new year, intentions, hopes, and confessions. Intuitively reacting to absorption in direct experiences, to then be weaved into a fragmented narrative. An experience offered to the viewer, sprinkled over a soundtrack that uses rhythms to bind and to hypnotise. 


Part of Psychepoetic Film Practice research project exploring psyche-revealing potential of filmmaking and absorption as an altered state of consciousness.

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2022 / single-channel projection:video 11:37 loop, sound installation with low-frequency sound on a bass amp, two speakers, and stereo sound on headphones, 4-page A5 publication 

Four films of Fragments of Experience project shown in a loop.

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2022 | single-channel video, sound, 5:38, 13 printed sheets with photographs and text

Bloki (Polish: blocks of flats) is a part of the ongoing project Fragments of Experience: intuitive captures of sensory, cognitive, and emotional experiences, in relationship to spaces, nature, and objects. Arising from an interest in the crossover of neuroscientific and philosophical contexts in the study of individual identity through uniqueness of synaptic connections, memory, and sensory sensitivities.


A childhood unaware of neurodivergence, seen from the perspective of a rare visit to the area of the formative years. In this work the personal history connected to a place is restored, attempting to reclaim trauma through love, and retrieving the experiences in a process of revival and growth. 

Understanding of social mechanisms of unconscious suppression, rediscovering a freedom of identity through improvisation and intuition, revoicing, triggered by a flash-back coincidence.

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2021 / film 6:18 min 

Is film one of our gateways?

A journey out-of-body, deeper into the worlds made of image and sound, absorption in which results in an experience unique to each spectator. Explorations of what altered perception and consciousness can mean, how they relate to our identity and spirituality.

Drawing from personal experience, curiosity towards the nature of existence and the unknown is unravelled through experimentation with animation, movement, rhythm, and the deleuzian state of enchantment, encouraging the viewer to be fully present in the momentum of the film.

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2020 / film 7:16 min 

A short film made in lockdown, inspired by the Buddhist philosophy of living in the experience of the present moment, an exploration of distant family relationships and finding balance in the awareness of the private space and one's own company. Documentary on the self, with the use of private archive.

So far the film screened with Argo Shorts! Student Film Festival, Lift-Off Network Festival, received official selections and special mentions at numerous small independent film festivals.

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2020 / film 15:44 min 

A notebook/journal in a film form.

Project inspired by philosophy and psychology of the direct experience of the present moment, induced by strangeness and surprise to one's patterns of association and expectation. 

Experimentation with compositing and a venture into incorporating poetry into film practice, an exercise in ways of merging words with images and sounds to create unique spaces.

Theme of travel considered from the position of physical movement memories in the pandemic times, and from an angle of travel as an internal journey.








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2019 / film 5:20 min 

A visual and sonic exploration of a meditatively heightened perception of the human connection with nature. Inspired by spiritual ecology, hippie movements, and motif of the World Tree that connects different realities, profanity and divinity, the material world and what transcends beyond it. Filmed on Super 8, an attempt to evoke questions and feelings relating to the “here and now”, present experience as man’s only direct interaction with the universe, only chance to express, create, change, react.

credits| film by Patrycja Loranc | cinematography Tereza Havadejova & Patrycja Loranc | cast: Louise Apperley, Rhiana Bonterre | voices: Rhiana Bonterre, Jude Forster, Patrycja Loranc

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