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performance with WonderZoo
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25 APRIL 2024



🌿🖋️I’m very excited to be part of WonderZoo line up for Plymouth Poetry Festival this Thursday 25th April at the basement of Green Space, Mutley! @plympoetryfest @wonderzoocollective 
I’ll be sharing a fragment of text from work in progress Seaing/Hereing, a poem part of Hyperreality Convegence project, and a new work with a moving image piece, made for this occasion: Papiery. 📄 

Thu 25th April, 18:00 -21:00 Free Entry
from @wonderzoocollective: 
"As part of the new Plymouth Poetry Festival, WonderZoo will be creating an intimate gig featuring 6 spoken word performers. Come along for some interesting and diverse performances. There will be a small bar and snacks.
1. Merris Longstaff Poet– 15 mins
2. Patrycja Loranc Performance Poetry - 15 mins
3. Michael Paige – 15 mins
-10 minute break-
4. Slain McGough Davey Performance Poetry – 15 mins
5. Noodlez Performance Poetry – 15 mins
6. Jackie Wacha”



an exhibition of works by Autistic Artists-Researchers

Patrycja Loranc * Mars Saude * Joanne Dorothea-Smith

Heightened sensory sensitivities, alternate communication styles. Repetition and patterns as soothing interaction with the complexity of the universe. This project brings together Autistic Artists-Researchers to explore a convergence of sensory and cognitive realities within practice research which anchors the investigations at the intersection of perception, philosophy, and relationships with nature. 

With an interest in phenomenology and relationships to the surrounding world, the works ask questions about unique experiences that cannot be described or explained within the confines of academic writing, social interaction or even solely verbal language. It is an invitation to explore worlds of neurodivergent perception and contexts of investigation that allow understanding to arise through non-conceptual knowledge, through direct experience of the works. 



Exhibition | 6 - 12th April 2024 | 37 Looe Street/ButCH | Plymouth |

Film Screening + Panel Discussion | Wednesday 10th April at | Jill Craigie Cinema | University of Plymouth | 6 - 8pm |


exhibition & screening
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screening event with a film workshop and performance
Cinaesthesia 2 workshop film.00_07_56_08.Still004.jpg

23 MARCH 2024



The second Cinaesthesia event, in collaboration with Imperfect Cinema, featured a filmmaking workshop facilitated by Patrycja Loranc and Dan Paolantonio, in which a film was created by participants filming in response to sensorially related prompts within 1 hour, in area of Stonehouse, Plymouth. The film was then edited and layered by Patrycja Loranc in 1.5 hours, to then be performed in the evening with a live improvised score by Oddstep Deployment Unit. 

The fun and fully attended event featured 10 Open Reel submissions and four experimental film within Alternate Sensory Reality programme. 

27 JANUARY 2024



Alternate Sensory Reality, a programme of international films I am curating, partners with Plymouth-based film collective Imperfect Cinema for a series of events  exploring relationships of sensory experience with the world of moving image and sound through experimental approaches.

The first of the screenings will take place on Saturday 27th January at Manor Street Galleries, Stonehouse, Plymouth, from 6pm onwards.

The entry is free and everyone welcome. 

The evening will include an Imperfect Cinema screening of films 3min and under related to the central theme, followed by a curated programme of four international experimental films. Details of the programme are soon to be announced. The deadline for open submissions of films under 3min is 22 Jan - more details here. 

follow @alternate_sensory and @imperfectcinema for updates

CINAESTHESIA screening events
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New collaboration with The Imperfect Orchestra
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17 FEBRUARY 2024



I have been invited by Plymouth-based eclectic ensemble of musicians The Imperfect Orchestra to collaborate on a piece of work for their DECADE event, celebrating 10 years of their activity. I am working on a short experimental film with elements of animation and live voice performance which will be presented with a live score by The Imperfect Orchestra on the 17th February 2024 at The House, University of Plymouth.

The main event will include a new expanded version of their first ever performance with the Imperfect Cinema's film HOME, Magglenov, a new audiovisual project by Aberrate, and our collaboration on Flat.

You can find out more and buy tickets here.

Read a short interview in which I reveal some more details about the project on The Imperfect Orchestra's IG: post 1 + post 2.

Thank you to The Primer, magazine that curates unique multimedia experiences using immersive digital storytelling, for featuring two of my films in the beautiful Issue Four alongside incredible variety of wonderful works. 

I Here and What Made Me Be and IV Away/Towards  are available to view now. Please take the time to immerse yourself.


The Primer
Issue Four
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