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SUN DAY still2.png




digital video / colour / sound 

Visual, sonic, and written journals evolve into a poetic reflection on themes of self in philosophy and neuroscience. Sensory awareness as part of identity, a study of relationships with spaces in a time of intense personal change - moving from London to Plymouth. A look into vulnerability, voice, communication and connection from a perspective of an autistic non-native English speaker. 


Locations between London and the South West are captured during travel and transition, old year into the new year, intentions, hopes, and confessions. Intuitively reacting to absorption in direct experiences, to then be weaved into a fragmented narrative. An experience offered to the viewer, sprinkled over a soundtrack that uses rhythms to bind and to hypnotise. 


Part of Psychepoetic Film Practice research project exploring psyche-revealing potential of filmmaking and absorption as an altered state of consciousness.

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